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Updates concerning the COVID-19 situation in Vanuatu

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TC Harold made landfall in
Vanuatu on 06-07 April 2020 causing widespread and severe damage in Sanma, Penama and Malampa

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Vanuatu 2030 | The People's Plan, is embodied in National Sustainable Development Plan for the period 2016 to 2030.

Vanuatu 2030 charts the country's vision and overarching policy framework for achieving a Stable, Sustainable and Prosperous Vanuatu within the next fifteen years, and in doing so sets out the national priorities and context for the implementation of the new global Sustainable Development Goals over the same period.

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The CTB coordinates and manages the Vanuatu Government's tender process for higher value procurement with a value of purchase exceeding VUV 10,000,000

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The Vanuatu Electronic Single Window Project (VESWP) as an online system for evaluation and management of import and export certificates, license and permits.

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The Vanuatu immigration and passport services has a range of forms for different passport and visa application forms available for download.

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The Judiciary of the Republic of Vanuatu's website has a dedicated page showing cases that are listed for hearings that is periodically updated subject to case managment.

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Register and apply online for an electronic police clearance.

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The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has a number of forms that can be downloaded for the registration of land and associated instruments as well as for royalties.

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  • Prime Minister Meets with Indo Pacific US National Security Council
    22 March 2023

    The US National Security council’s Indo Pacific Coordinator, Kurt Campbell and delegation met up with Prime Minister Hon. Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau Maau’Koro on Wednesday 22nd March 2022, along with Foreign Affairs minister Jotham Napat for Bilateral talks.

    The United States has indicate that they will be opening its embassy here in Port Vila, Re-Introduce the peace corps program and revive the cooperation with US Coast Guard to assist in protecting our waters and protect our marine resources from illegal fishing activities. The US will also involve more in climate change to build more ware house of relief supplies for immediate response.

    An extra amount of $3 Million has been announced by US to go towards shelter, water and food security.

  • Prime Minister Hon Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau has officially launched the new company VANUEX LTD
    02 February 2023

    Prime Minister Hon Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau has officially launched the new company VANUEX LTD on 7th February 2023, which will be conducting business/trade through Digital technology. He has pointed out that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) economic outlook is within the same level of Digital transformation.

    Most country’s economy are moving towards Digital and Vanuatu is going in the same direction.

    Funds Not Used

    06 February 2023

    4 billion VT projects to be funded from Chinese funds that were never used. Prime Minister Hon Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau Maau’koro has announced a total of 4 billion projects from the aid money that was never utilised by the previous government. The 2 billion for 2021 will be injected into road projects for Efate and Santo while a further 2 million for 2022 will be go towards the construction of a new school of nursing collage in Santo and up grading health facilities.

    The Prime Minister made the

  • Statement by the Prime Minister Hon. Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau Maau'koro at the United Nation General Assembly 29 March 2023
    29 March 2023

    Introduction of Agenda item 70, Request for an advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the obligations of States in respect of climate change 10:00 am, March 29, 2023 UN General Assembly Hall To be delivered by Prime Minister Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau, The Republic of Vanuatu ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Mr. President of the General Assembly, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,