Vanuatu Infrastructure Strategic Investment Plan 2015-2024

    The Vanuatu Infrastructure Strategic Investment Plan 2015 – 2024 (VISIP 2015) sets out an optimal set of strategic infrastructure investments for Vanuatu. Further, it suggests how to fund and implement these investments, and recommends institutional developments for planning effective, practical, and sustainable, infrastructure in the context of identified and expected financing over the coming decade.

    VISIP 2015 will be considered for adoption with the National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP), which the Government of Vanuatu (GoV) is expected to approve in early 2015. To establish full coherence with the NSDP and comprehensively address the issues facing the country, the VISIP includes social infrastructure in addition to economic infrastructure.

    In particular, the VISIP:

    • updates the list of infrastructure projects in the draft infrastructure plan prepared in 2012, but never formally adopted, to include sectoral progress and new policy development since 2012.
    • recommends prioritising infrastructure projects by their linkages with other governmental policies and strategies;
    • considers new projects, including in the social infrastructure sectors (health, education, justice, internal affairs) that may support sustainable socio-economic development.
    • recommends how VISIP can become a dynamic infrastructure project pipeline development process rather than just a static list of priority projects.

    VISIP 2015-2024

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